Managing Director

Early life and education

Ashish Maheshwari was born on 01 Dec 1971 and he grew up in Moradabad in India. He went to Parker inter college School in Moradabad and completed graduation from Hindu Degree College. ASHISH IS ALSO A Tennis player. his hobby Self interior decorating and food management. His father's late shri Ram Avtar maheshwari, who was founder MAHESHWARI SHUDDH SHAKAHARI BHOJNAYLA . After graduating he joined MAHESHWARI SHUDDH SHAKAHARI BHOJNAYLA (75 YEARS OLD) FAMILY BUSINESS. He was inspired by his mother SMT. NIRMALA MAHESHWARI who loved to cook, and her kitchen became a part of his foundational training. Ashish is married to Mrs.SHWETA Maheshwari, who is also a part of his success. He joined his family business and spread it all along.

 Ashish Maheshwari owner of Maheshweari garden restaurant and Maheshwari Shudh Shakahari Bhojnalya moradabad.


In 2000, ASHISH WAS started his first restaurant AND hotel WITH HIS BROTHER Neeraj MAHESHWARI named hotel mahesh and maheshwari restaurant in delhi road, Moradabad. In 28th Feb,2018, he started the NEW UNIT OF MAHESHWARI SHAKAHARI SHUDH BHOJNAYLA specialty Multi cuisine restaurant brand MGR (MAHESHWARI GARDEN RESTAURANT) in DELHI ROAD MORADABAD. MGR Brands of Ashish Maheshwari(MAHESHWARI SHAKAHARI SHUDH BHOJNAYLA)has forayed into MULTI CUSINE RESATAURANT. ASHISH plans to introduce variety of foods North Indian cuisine forms the basis of the Western experience with Indian restaurants. The company statement said.Ashish is low-profile, serious, staid, a workaholic and a planner with an obsessive eye for detail. He is known for his ability to visualize, conceive and implement mega projects.


Our dream

Our dreams are still young and we are raring to go further. We have recorded an astounding growth constantly for past many years. Driven by uncompromised quality in products and services, trust and transparency, we could outperform the quality food standards. Our growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together to make it happen.

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