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MGR FOODS is a unique restaurant place of its kind. Here the most exotic herbs and spices of India are used to create authentic flavors and aromas of cuisines of a bygone era.


We offers vast Menu to select from for the little ones to grownups with perfect ambience & sitting area. A perfect place for a family to have fun & food at one place.


Experience a candlelit dinner for two at our romantic, garden dining space. Guests can dine from the restaurant carte, or design a special menu in collaboration with our dedicated chefs.


Have fun without alcohol!
Mocktails are generally the non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails. They bring together several exciting flavours in one exciting format.So just come to us and toss a drink to enjoy the evening.

Social Event

Celebrate a birthday, engagement or wedding anniversary, Kitty party, Family Function, Get together, in inimitable style at MGR, Moradabad.

Corporate Event

Host a high profile business function of matchless professionalism and panache at MGR, Moradabad.

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We are committed to your satisfaction with every order.Get start today. Indulge in the delicious aromas of different cuisine defined by our signature bespoke service. Choose from Dalchini,Bamboos, open Sky, rooftop and Garden Restaurant for a truly gastronomic journey.

Our Multi cusine Restaurant

MGR is unique restaurant place for fine dinning.

MGR (Maheshwari Garden Restauranrt) offer five gourmet restaurants and exciting lounge for a distinct culinary experience which range from casual to fine dining. The MGR features Indian, Oriental and Continental cuisines, alongside elaborate breakfast, fast-food, dessert and beverage selections, and also features “Under the Weather” food options. MGR awaits to delight you with delightful cuisine and the best of traditional hospitality. Soft and soothing music adds to the ambiance of the restaurants.

Dalchini Restaurant moradabad


Enjoy IPL with family and friends.

Experience an intimate atmosphere at this restaurant with the dining room's wonderful décor housing plush woodwork.

BAMBOOS RESTAURANT moradabad Wonderful décor bamboos work.


Wonderful décor bamboos work.

Experience an intimate atmosphere at this restaurant with the dining room's wonderful décor bamboos work.

Under the Weather” food options


"Under the Weather” food options

With colossal glass paneled windows overlooking the golf course, Opensky offers an enriching dining experience which is a precise unison of cuisine and atmosphere.

non alcoholic mocktail drinks


Family-friendly atmosphere.

With its innovative multi-cuisine menu and comprehensive gourmet selection, Dalchini Restaurant offers round-the-clock fine dining with an eclectic experience.

maheshwari Garden Restaurant the finest multicuisine restaurants in the City Moradabad.


A lush open air setting.

Garden Restaurant the finest multicuisine restaurants in the City Moradabad.Our Garden is famous in town and the evenings at the Garden Restaurant are pleasant and enjoyable for families & friends.

Maheshwari Shudh Shakahari Bhojnalya moradabad pur veg foods preparation in desi ghee

Maheshwari Shudh Shakahari Bhojnalya


Authentic Indian & Punjabi Dhaba Cuisines is avant garde specializing in Indian vegetarian fare, full range of Pure veg Indian cuisine, to delight your palate.

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